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Model: Ferrari 550 Maranello
Team: Larbre Compétition
Serie: FIA GT 2005
Drivers: Lilian Bryner, Enzo Calderari & Steve Zacchia

Body: 1/24 Carrera Exclusiv Ferrari 575 GTC; Spa 24h 2004 (#20201)
Builder: Kai Kivekäs
Decals: Pekka Nurkkanen
Interior: Werks lexan
Windows: Werks lexan
Lights: Cartrix

Chassis: Motor Modern (MoMo) SW2
Construction: sidewinder
Builder: Kai Kivekäs
Material: Steel / aluminium
Springs: MoMo Hard

Motor: Handout Proslot Euro Mk I
Revs: 26000 rpm
Torque: 155 gcm
Current: 280 mA
Brush springs: 45 degrees

Weights and dimensions
Weight of car: 201 g
Weight of rolling chassis: 140 g
Weight of body: 61 g
Weight distribution (front axle / rear axle): 97 g (48 %) / 104 g (52 %)

Wheelbase: 105 mm
Distance between rear axle and guide: 130 mm
Spur on rear: 83 mm
Spur on front: 78 mm
Ground clearance: 1,0 mm

Front tyres
Diameter: 26,0 mm
Width: 8,0 mm
Material: Hard rubber, coated with cyanoacrylite
Manufacturer: Tamiya

Front rims
Diameter: 21,0 mm
Width: 8,0 mm
Material: Aluminium
Manufacturer: ?

Rear tyres
Diameter: 27,5 mm
Width: 16,0 mm
Material: Sponge; 45 Shore
Manufacturer: GP Speedtires

Rear wheels
Diameter: 21,5 mm
Width: 16,0 mm
Material: Aluminium

Front: Steel, dia. 3,0 mm, ball bearings
Rear: Steel, dia. 3,0 mm, ball bearings

Gear ratio: 44/9 (4,89)
Total gear: 17,7 mm/one motor rev
Pinion: Sigma M50 9Z plastic
Spur gear: JP Gear M50 44Z plastic

Guide: Parma The Blade - graphite (#70222)
Guide washers: Koford .010" Phos Bronze (#M321), one between guide & chassis
Braids: Parma T.Q. Silver Plated (#664)
Wirings: RL

The best laptime during the race: about 9,4 s
The best laptime in Nokwood: 8,181 s (21.06.2006, blue lane)