ISRA 2018 Event

Place will be at the Hotel Vallonia, address is: Keskustie 3, MUSTASAARI


Production-24 Team Race  ISRA2018_Results_PR24TR (PDF)

EuroSport-32 ISRA2018_Results_ES32 (PDF)

Formula 1-32 ISRA2018_Results_F132 (PDF)

EuroSport-24 ISRA2018_Results_ES24 (PDF) 

Live stream –>  <– all results links etc will be found from this page bottom


ISRA2018 Local Rules (PDF)

ISRA2018-RaceProgram (PDF)   — ATTENTION! Check updated ES-32/ F1-32 / ES-24 part from here:

ISRA2018-HandBook (PDF)

EuroSport-24 information

ISRA2018_ES-24_Drivers-PractiseGroups (PDF)

ISRA2018_ES-24_Drivers-PractiseGroupsDetails (PDF)

Formula 1-32 information:

ISRA2018_Formula1-32_Drivers-PractiseGroups (PDF)

ISRA2018_Formula1-32_Drivers-PractiseGroupsDetails (PDF)


EuroSport-32 information:

ISRA2018_EuroSport32_fixed_RaceProgram (PDF)

ISRA2018_EuroSport32_Drivers-PractiseGroups (PDF) 

ISRA2018_EuroSport32_Drivers-PractiseGroupsDetails (PDF)

Production-24 Team Race information:

ISRA2018_Teams-and-PractiseHeats (PDF)

Registered racers:

Production-24 hand-out parts- read Local Rules pdf … :

  • The teams will get their parts on Saturday 13.10. starting at 8:00 local time.
- JK Aeolos
- Redfox setup, Valiko armature 42deg timing, SKF ball bearings
- RedFox Lada Vesta WTCC2017
Tires and rims:
- Alpha, S&K

Isra2018 event accomodation information:
1 person room 85 €/1 night
2 person room 100 €/1 night
with sauna +17 €/1 night
extra bed for 4-12 year +16 €/1 night
extra bed over 13 years +25 €/1 night
all prices include breakfast, evening sauna and taxes
-Do your reservation via email –> please add email Subject ”Isra2018”
All prices are valid for all event 2018: April-FinnishChamp, June-Nez/warm-up, Aug-Euroserie, Oct-Isra2018 event.

Isra2018 event will be held at this Hotell !


Registration Information for 2018 ISRA World Championship in Finland
Registration process to be done on, registration will open on April 1, 2018 at 4:00PM UTC and close on June 30, 2018 at 4:00PM UTC.

Registration information:


ISRA2018_TimeSchedule_PracticeWeek (PDF)

– Fri 12.10.2018 practise for non-host (like rulebook says)
– Mon 8.10.-Thu 11.10. 8:30-20:30 free practise


Registration fees are:

ISRA 2018 License 10€
Starting fees 35€ per class: PR24, ES-32, F1-32, ES-24

– Handout parts: 175€ per team (motor, chassis, 2body, 2pr tires)
– Extra PR24 handout motor (not obligatory) 110€
– Extra pair of handout tires 11€
– Race T-shirt 20€ (inform t-shirt size via email –>>

Payment has to be made to organizer in order to complete registration by deadline.

Payments: PayPal (’friends and family’ ), Bank/Iban etc.., cash at the Warm-up, all payments has to be done end of June – money has to be end of June in Organizer bank account – Payer takes care all needed transfer dates and take care of all extra bank costs!

Please instruct your bank to forward payment orders to:
OP Corporate Bank plc Helsinki, Finland
IBAN: FI47 5028 0920 0212 81
Pay attention to rules: 1.6; 1.8; 1.9 and 1.10 in the rulebook.

Race T-shirt, backside will come all sponsors logo